Prospectus Progress



Theproblems faced during the preparation of the prospectus includecoming up with an investigation topic, time constraints, and findingthe right research materials. The researcher had to look for aspecific problem which previous investigations were unable to solve.In this case, the study aims to come up with a link between jobturnover rates and financial literacy in black males. The analystdecided on this research topic because past investigations onlyfocused on education and financial literacy (Lusardi &amp Mitchell,2014). The second problem is the lack of enough time to focus on theresearch. As a part time student, it becomes really hard to fullyfocus on the research. Maybe on weekends or public holidays a personcan fully focus on the research. As a result, it may take longer thanusual to finish the research. The researcher also finds it hard toaccess their supervisor because of different working hours. Ananalyst ought to have scheduled discourses with their administratoron different proposal related issues (Tengberg, 2015). The otherconstraint is allocating the right materials for the literaturereview. A good literature review needs quality research work relatedto the investigation problem. Good research materials do not comeeasy and the analyst needs to be patient.

Onlythe introduction, background, and literature review sections arecompletely done. On this note, it would be helpful if the supervisorgave feedback on these completed sections. Once the supervisorapproves these sections, the researcher can comfortably go on withtheir investigations. Overseeing doctoral expositions is a keycapacity of instructing in advanced education and giving composedinput on draft segments is a basic segment of this capacity(Basturkmen, East, &amp Bitchener, 2014). Feedback gives the studentconfidence to comfortably continue with the study.


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