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Morris, B. (2017). The Rate of Domestic Violence Arrests amongNFL Players. FiveThirtyEight. Retrieved 4 March 2017, from


Arrests, including due to domesticviolence, among NFL (National Football League) players in comparisonto the rest of the male population in America, is examined. Theauthor believes that although arrests made of NFL players isconsiderably less than the rest of the male population in the USA,there are some types of arrests that haunt the pack.


The method used is historical orcomparative analysis whereby the author used existing data on NFLarrest records and national records to identify subtle details. Thefocus was on the 25-to-29 age group which covers the average teamage.


The analysis showed that NFLplayers have a significantly lower arrest rate than average being asthey are a wealthier group. The most common arrest among the NFLplayers is driving under the influence (DUI) with assault coming inat second place. Whereas, the most common arrest among the generalpublic is drug-related offenses followed closely by DUI. Despite NFLplayer arrest rate being just 13% of the nation’s total, the arrestrates are not evenly distributed across crimes. Domestic violence hasby far the highest arrest rate among NFL players (55.4%). This valueis considerably lower than the national average but higher than whatone would expect considering the income tier (top 1%) and povertyrates (0%) among the players.

Feeling about the Article

The statistical approach makes iteasier to comprehend the seriousness of the matter. The articlecreates a sense of duty to act which the league has needed to takeup. In conclusion, it is evident that NFL players need to haveharsher policies to reduce the harm they are inflicting on thecommunity.