Market Research Manager Analysis

MarketResearch Manager Analysis

Walmartand Target are two retailers, which are in competition with oneanother. Each of the two stores has its strengths and weaknesses, aswell as opportunities and threats. The purpose of this report is todiscuss the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats ofTarget in relation to its competition with Walmart the report willalso indicate whether Target or Walmart is better positioned for thelong-term business operations.


Oneof the strength that Target has over Walmart is employee equality.According to Loudenback &amp Lee (2015), Target is believed to have100% employee equality based on the report released by the Humanrights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index (CEI) in 2015.Alternatively, using the same index, Walmart is believed to have 90%employee equality. This is important to Target because it can makecustomers to have good perceptions with the store when making buyingdecisions. Also, Target remains a match in the American pop cultureand it is associated with high-profile celebrity and designercollaborations. This is critical due to the customers that canassociate themselves with the store.


Anarea of weakness that Target has is pricing. Unlike its competitor,Walmart, the store does not have a policy of lower pricing (Loeb,2016). This is a weakness since the Everyday Low Price (EDLP) policyof Walmart drives more customers into the store compared to Target.Another area of weakness for the store is that it does not have anyestablishment overseas (Loudenback &amp Lee, 2015). Failure to havestores in other countries is a miss for the store since the overseasstores could help Target in the generation of additional revenuesemanating from increased number of customers.


Oneof the possible opportunities that Target has in order to be morecompetitive with Walmart entails expanding its stores to theinternational market. Currently, the store has its operations only inthe United States, while Walmart has stores in approximately 28countries (Loudenback &amp Lee, 2015). Target has the opportunity ofexpanding to the international market through opening its stores inother countries or using other strategies to enter the internationalmarket. This will help the store in advancing its competition withWalmart since it will have the opportunity of expanding the customerbase that its competitor, Walmart, has at the moment. Increasing thecustomer base will be an opportunity for Target to earn extrarevenues, which it can utilize in enhancing its services.

Priceis an important consideration in competition because it may help toshape-up competition amid two or more firms operating in the sameindustry. According to Loeb (2016), Walmart has been successful inits operations because of the low pricing policy it applies as one ofits approaches. Target stores have an opportunity of lowering theprice of its commodities in order to appeal to its clients andprospective customers to buy its commodities. Lowering the price thatit charges for its commodities will have an impact of makingcustomers feel indifferent making purchases in its stores with thestores of its competitor, Walmart. Therefore, lowering the price forits products will make Target become more competitive.


Threatsare significant to a business because they help a business seekstrategies that it can utilize in making its operations better. Oneof the threats that face Target stores is the uncertainty surroundingits food and pharmacy offerings (Williams, 2016). Customers are verysensitive and always desire to have an assurance of what they arebuying. Thus, the uncertainty surrounding the food and pharmacyofferings of Target stores can negatively influence the sales.Another threat that Target faces is a decline in foot traffic as wellas fill in trip customers (Williams, 2016). Any drop in customers isa threat to business because it is likely to have an impact on thesales and revenues of an entity.

Whowill come out Ahead?

Fromthe SWOT analysis, I think Walmat is better positioned over thelong-term to come out ahead in the competition. I think Walmart isbetter positioned because of the strengths it tends to have overTarget. For example, walmart is in a position to offer low pricingpolicy to its customers and has several stores overseas apart fromhaving its operations in the United States. These strengths giveWalmat a better opportunity to engage with its customers on a dailybasis and offer a possibility of enhancing its services more in thefuture.


Inevery industry, competition is viewed as being exceedingly vitalbecause it helps customers to obtain the best services, as well ascommodities. In the case of Target and Walmart, competition isevident, and each store tends to have various strengths that providean opportunity for success. From the SWOT analysis, it has emergedthat Walmart is better positioned compared to Target because of thestrengths that it tends to have. Therefore, it can be argued thatWalmart will come out ahead in the competition amid the two stores.


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