Impact of Information Technology on Employment of Women in Saudi Arabia


Impactof Information Technology on Employment of Women in Saudi Arabia

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Impactof Information Technology on Employment of Women in Saudi Arabia

Theworld is currently experiencing rapid changes in different sectors,especially with the presence of globalization. One of the areas thatis encountering drastic change is the field of technology, which hasa significant influence on the economic, social, educational,political, and cultural conditions of people in different parts ofthe world, including those in Arabic nations (Al-Hudhaifand Nalband, 2012, 172).Information technology has played a critical role in changing thesituation of the labor market in Saudi Arabia by encouraging theparticipation of women in different jobs.

TheKingdom of Saudi Arabia was among the first nations to support theimplementation of International Computer Driving License as a way ofcreating a digital society. The aim of the decision was to increaseproductivity by having a community that is well informed oninformation technology. The King also encouraged the participation ofall people, including women in the development of the nation(Al-Hudhaifand Nalband, 2012, 175).

Differentorganizations have come up with the aim of empowering women with ITskills, thus, making them more marketable in the job market. One ofthe organizations that provide training to women is the GeneralOrganization for Technical and Vocational Training, which providese-recruitment programs whose aim is to establish suitable jobs forwomen (Al-Hudhaifand Nalband, 2012, 175).Through the training on IT processes, women in Saudi Arabia havegained the chance to work from home as freelance writers,telecommuters, and designers among others without compromising theirreligious beliefs, and cultural standards.

Lastly,the government through the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry ofTelecommunications and Information Technology is working hard toensure that the female gender is equipped with proper skills to boosttheir employment opportunities(Al-Hudhaifand Nalband, 2012, 175).The education sector also ensures that women in the tertiaryinstitutions have the necessary IT skills that will increase theirchances of being employed, or create an opportunity forself-employment.


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