Ethical Advertisement Assessment

Ethical AdvertisementAssessment

EthicalAdvertisement Assessment

Theadvertisement is vital to the consumer and the producer. Throughadvertisement, the consumer is informed about products and services.In turn, the company enjoys higher sales. However, there is growingconcern whether the companies are honest in their advertisement. Theunethical ad is giving false information to the consumer. The essaywill discuss ethical issues in Volkswagen diesel car advert.

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UnethicalIssue in the Advert

The moral issuein the Germany carmaker advert is giving false information to theconsumer (lying). The Volkswagen advertised their cars as havingleast emissions. Later in 2016, a team of scientists measured thelevel of emissions and found them to be higher than what the companyreported (Majláth, 2016). In the end, the management admitted tousing cheating software that indicated lower emissions.

Wasthe Advert Intentionally Unethical?

The admission bythe management of using cheating software shows the management waswell aware of the fraud. The company deliberately lied to theconsumers.


The companyshould take remedial action by buying back cars from the consumers.Volkswagen agreed to either buy back or repair the problem.Furthermore, the company was required to contribute to anenvironmental watch group to compensate for high emissions (Majláth,2016). By agreeing to the demands of the regulator, the company tookcorrective measures to repair its reputation to the consumer.

WasThe Advert Effective In Promoting The Product?

Theadvertisement was effective. The company through the false pretextsold more than 500000 units to consumers. The company managed to makehigher sales compared to competitors, for example, Ford, Toyota, andPeugeot (Majláth, 2016).

In conclusions,lying to the consumer is unethical. Consumers pay more for aninferior product. Furthermore, it exposes the consumer to thedangerous product. For example in the case of Volkswagen group,consumer paid more for an inferior car, which also exposed them tomore emissions.


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