Abstract and Article Review

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Abstractand Article Review

  1. Abstract

Abstractingand Indexing (A&ampI) is a concept that locates informationeffectively. A&ampI is experiencing significant changes inmethodology currently. The increasing volume of data poses achallenge to abstracting. Information technology innovation hasdeveloped electronic indexing. The responsibilities of indexing haveexpanded. It is no longer the work of clerks and librarians toexclusively conduct indexing activities. Modern experts for example,Information Scientists, Information Technologist, and ComputerScientists engage in indexing functions. There is an emerging issueof integrating the analogue system with the modern digital framework.A&ampI has benefits and limitations. One benefit is the developmentof the classification system of webpages according to hierarchicalcategories. This trend is used by major online companies forexample, Yahoo! Webpages are organized based on the subject matter.However, this method has limitations. It uses the manual editingprocess. Users also search topics using the classification method ofthe editors (Chen, 2010).

  1. Article Review

Theresearch studies the level of URLs available in the OAI records ofvarious search indexes for example, Google and MSN. The mainemphasis of the research is to determine whether Google has enhancedOAI resources in the search index. The OAIster metadata corpus isused to determine the corpus percentage in the search index ofGoogle. OAIster integrates OAI metadata using links to the digitalresources. The metadata that does not have links to the digitalresources are eliminated from the transformation or indexingprocedure. The URLs in the OAI records may be developed differentlyfrom the URLs that are identified using Google during normaloperations. In the research, Google indexing did not succeed inaccessing the more hidden web. Google has, therefore, not enhancedtheir support of identifying OAI resources. It is challenging toprovide Google with high volumes of OAIster records. Instead, Googleshould be provided with the OAIster URLs for high searcheffectiveness (Kat &amp Joshua, 2008).


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